Through amusing real life stories, this book teaches the simple secrets of success when dealing with builders.

The author has over 40 years experience within the building industry, which includes house building, industrial units, stone work, college lecturing, and nvq assessing. By the time you have finished reading this book, you will know how to win when dealing with builders.

  • How to negotiate
  • How to avoid painful situations
  • How to save time and money
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Star characters from book

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Billy 'Bone Idol'

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Daktari Sue

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Gypsy Jim


Me 'Spongehead'

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Bruiser Bruce

What people say about it...

Reading how to win when dealing with builders, really gave me invaluable knowledge. Being a single parent means I am having to take the word of people and companies I don't know when I am wanting work done within my home. I now have the knowledge and confidence to ask them questions and understand what the answers should be. This has also made sure I am not fleeced by any would - be conman. Even the smallest of things, such as when I prepared my son's bedroom to be decorated, I went out and bought everything I needed - using correct terminology, buying things I needed as opposed to things that I don't really need. A really enjoyable read. I loved picturing the examples given and the antics of Bruiser Bruce and the author. It made me want to continue reading as I feel I gained a great amount of knowledge along with laughter and humour. A fantastic insight into what could happen if you don't do your homework. ~ Tracey Morewood, West Yorkshire.

LaVern Brown successfully shares his 40 years experience in the building trade, helping the reader become more confident with building terms and dealing with builders. His blend of real life stories and factual accounts engages the reader throughout, while his characters are both horrifying and humorous. Not only will you take away lessons on how to win when dealing with builders, you will also feel uplifted by the life lessons included along the way. ~ Kelly Nicholls, Derbyshire.

"This book teaches, the simple secrets of success when dealing with builders.It is filled with fun-packed, real-life stories that will amuse and educate you.It's full of practical information in "layman's language" on how to negotiate and protect yourself from possibly painful situations.If you're serious about saving yourself time and money, you've got to read this book." ~ "Robert G. Allen, bestselling author of the New York Times' bestsellers, Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and Multiple Streams of Income."